Buku di Perpustakaan FT UGM
  1. Writing for College, Writing for Life: klik
  2. Sentence Skills with Reading: klik
  3. English Skills with Readings: klik
E-book terkait yang dilanggan UGM
http://ugm.id/p7 (English for academic research: grammar exercises)
http://ugm.id/p3 (English for academic research: grammar usage and style)
http://ugm.id/p5 (English for academic research: writing exercises)
http://ugm.id/p6 (English for academic research: vocabulary exercises)
English for Academic Writing Narasumber Siti Nurleily Marliana & Joaquim Baeta
Lima Alasan Belajar Bahasa Inggris untuk Kebutuhan Akademis
Writing a scientific research paper in English

Here is a link to download the research paper on apples that was used as an example in this video:

Purwoko .