Science fiction prototyping
The idea was introduced by Brian David Johnson in 2010 who, at the time, was a futurist at Intel working on the challenge his company faced anticipating the market needs for integrated circuits at the end of their 7–10 years design and production cycle..
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Science Fiction Prototyping at Work
Though better known for its design software, Autodesk has begun using science fiction prototyping to explore the future of design, technology, and humans. In the Web extra at, Rhode Island School of Design student Caroline Brewer discusses using science fiction prototyping to write and illustrate FOUR, an anthology of futuristic short stories. The second Web extra at is an audio recording of editor Brian David Johnson and guest author Evan Atherton expanding on this Science Fiction Prototyping column.

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Science Fiction Prototyping: Designing the Future with Science Fiction
Science fiction is the playground of the imagination. If you are interested in science or fascinated with the future then science fiction is where you explore new ideas and let your dreams and nightmares duke it out on the safety of the page or screen. But what if we could use science fiction to do more than that?

The role of context in science fiction prototyping: The digital industrial revolution
Fabcreating, a highly sophisticated form of 3D printing, has become ubiquitous by 2033. We outline how digital fabrication might evolve in a science fiction prototype (SFP) and provide a 2033 use case in which consumers produce their own highly customized consumer electronics at home.

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Telling tomorrows: Science fiction as an energy futures research tool
_Any sociological discussion of energy consumption must necessarily deal with not only the social practices underpinning that consumption, but also the complex sociotechnical assemblages through which such consumption is enabled. Likewise any sociological discussion of climate change must necessarily deal with not only radically different contexts, .....

Science fiction prototypes: Visionary technology narratives between futures.
Futures research has lived up to Wells’ prediction by becoming a legitimate scholarly discipline. In this paper, we explore the role of science fiction in creating prototypes of imagined and better futures evident in these narratives even when they are distinct from the futures they predict.

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Six Insights about Science Fiction Prototyping
Students share their impressions of and experiences working with science fiction prototyping at the California College of the Arts. The Web extra at is an audio interview in which Science Fiction Prototyping editor Brian David Johnson talks with California College of the Arts student Gregory Stock about his experience with science fiction prototyping and how it's like exploring dark caves.

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The industry's future reads like a science-fiction novel

"I was always a huge fan of science fiction, and I think reading good science-fiction novels opens your mind," he said. "A better name for science fiction is actually 'speculative fiction,' which is, 'what if?' I've read some excellent authors who just opened up their minds to it. All you have to do is look at the logical progress of the last 25 or 30 years and project it out, and if you do that, you arrive at the conclusion that technology robots, etc., they are going to do everything."

Security tech no longer science fiction fantasy
While home security users have had these options for a year or so, small business owners and commercial users are just beginning to test the technology as companies roll out their newest technology upgrades. Business owners can also choose to receive automatic feedback from their security system, including receiving texts if the business doesn't open on time, if anyone walks into an "off limits" room, if the air conditioning is left on after closing time or even if the temperature in a freezer rises overnight.

Beyond science fiction: Bionic hands, implants made of synthetic bone. Researchers in New York are u
Todd Goldstein is only a 29-year-old Ph.D. candidate, but he is working on the front lines of medical research, using 3-D printers to produce bionic hands, implants made of synthetic bone, living organs and a range of other creations.